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PLS NOTE: This event has been rescheduled to 6th Jul 2017.

Date: 06 Jul 2017, Thurs Evening
Time: 7.30pm – 9:30pm
 Nexus Auditorium, Lvl 5 Cuppage Plaza

This Business Empowerment Event(BEE)  is FREE – to encourage maximum participation from Christian Entrepreneurs, Business leaders and Organizational leaders. (Freewill offering will be taken to defray the cost of organizing this event.)

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About GWI 

Golden Wheel Industries – a Singapore SME in contract manufacturing and packaging business.

Established in 1977, Golden Wheel Industries (GWI) started off with providing quality thermoforming. Now their diverse services include turn-key contract manufacturing, turnkey contract packaging, customization packaging, fulfillment packaging, warehousing, logistics & distribution, sourcing & purchasing and even providing solutions in areas such as operational administrations and support to R&D operations.

Trusted by various MNCs, regional and local customers from different industries including FMCG’s, hard-disk drive industries, medical devices, electrical & electronics, baby products, food etc. GWI is known for its ability to “Do more with less!” efficiency, quality, on-time delivery, and cost-savings.

About The Speaker

Allen Cheng, Managing Director – Golden Wheel Industries (GWI)

Allen took over the family business in the 90s after a short career in the army. Although the business went very well in that first few years, with expansions to Johor, KL and Batam, the initial business success soon turned into struggles in the family as he became worn out, drifting away from God and striving on his own efforts, rather than relying on the Lord.

The 1997 currency crisis also hit the group hard with cash flow problems. Facing with a catch 22 situation, Allen had to manage debt restructuring with the banks and at the same time, manage payments from main customers. Difficult as it was, the potential bankruptcy situation was a turning point in Allen’s life.

Instead of trusting in his own abilities, he chose to trust in God completely. God granted such great favour with the banks and customers that he was able to work out the cashflow issues. God then began a restoration process with his family and his business.

Come and listen to Allen as he shares, “Ever since those experiences, I had learnt to trust God and put Him first place in all areas of my life. I had decided to do business by His book and not to allow any unbiblical practices in the business. Even when I started the business in China, when everything and everyone you meet says you need to ‘lubricate the system’ in order to survive, we stood to His principles. It was not easy, I still have to work very hard but the Lord was in control. He has not let me down since. I always have lots of testimonies to tell of His goodness, His greatness and His love.”

Under Allen’s stewardship, GWI sales has grown by 5 times in the past 7 years. Their 4 biggest customers are all MNCs who recognise, appreciate and desire to work with companies like GWI that have sustainable policies in place, not just on the surface (as vision and mission statements), but truly practicing them daily. Today, GWI is in its 40th year of business and still growing.


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The Summit Studios & Auditorium
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