Business Empowerment Circle 2019



– Biblical Principles for the Marketplace –

The 2019 BEC Sessions on Doing Business God’s Way II is a follow up to the 2016 series of the same title. This series focuses on biblical principles for the marketplace and is a practical look at how Christian businesses should be managed, according to the Creator of all management rules: God. In the short run, you can violate these rules and continue to operate, but in the long run, profits will suffer as morale declines.

Decisions like hiring, firing, paying, and promotions will all be discussed from the perspective of what God’s Word says. This isn’t a discussion series for the timid, Sunday-only Christians. God makes it clear that He wants Christians who are willing to follow the straight path, not those seeking the path of least resistance. If you’re willing to follow God’s Word, it lays out the straight and narrow.

Check out the following short video to have a glimpse of the kind of radical approach to business that God expects us to undertake.

We are instructed, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5). The purpose of the BEC 2019 Sessions is to help you, the business owner, to trust in the Lord in your business life.

 Discussion Topics for 2019:

  1. Basic Biblical Minimums
  2. Business Bondage
  3. Personal Lifestyle Goals
  4. Biblical Business Goals
  5. Critical Policy Decisions: Managing People
  6. Borrowing & Lending Decisions
  7. Partnerships
  8. Exits: Retirement and Selling Out
  9. Implementing God’s Plans

The BEC 2019 Series is designed for business owners who are serious about surrendering their lives and business to God and truly allowing Jesus to be the CEO of their business. The decisions that you take on a daily basis should be focused on the process (which is judged according to Kingdom standards) and not the outcome. You need to be able to entrust the results to God, whatever the outcome eventually is. Whilst this series is designed to empower business owners to make the right decisions according to biblical principles, other marketplace believers are also welcomed to participate and learn Kingdom principles which may also be applicable to their workplace.

BEC 2019 sessions will begin in the month of January. Whilst these sessions are free of charge, we ask for your commitment to put in your best effort to attend all sessions throughout the year.

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* Note: The discussion materials for the BEC 2019 Series may contain extracts from various sources including but not limited to Business by the Book written by Larry Burkett. Copyright © GBN 2019.

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About The Business Empowerment Circle (BEC)

The BEC platform involves business people in the marketplace. We face the same issues at work and the same struggles to be Kingdom minded in business. We meet in small groups at the designated locations on a monthly basis to discuss each of the above topics.

The small group discussion is not a teaching session, but is designed to promote peer to peer learning with a facilitator to keep the discussion relevant and impactful. Each session is expected to last 1.5 – 2 hours.