Partnership Program


At GBN, we strongly believe that we are called to impact the marketplace in South East Asia.

Apart from conducting our own activities to Empower, Equip and Commission believers to have an impact for Christ in the marketplace, we also collaborate with organizations who share a similar vision for the marketplace.

Under our Partnership Program, we work with committed Christian business leaders, NGO’s, para-church organizations and local churches to help train and equip their people for Kingdom impact in the marketplace.

We will collaborate with our ministry partners in the region and share our resources with the aim of replicating our model. This includes the Empowering and Equipping platforms, such as the small group discussion platform known as the Business Empowerment Circle (BEC), as well as the Business Coaching and Mentoring services.

In particular, our BEC small group discussion materials have been well received in the region, used by various churches and marketplace ministries. The topics of discussion are all focused on marketplace issues, matters which every believer in business will grapple with almost on daily basis.

The selection of Series themes currently available are:

Series A: God at Work

Series B: Business lessons From the Life of Joseph

Series C: Marketplace Discipleship

Series  D: God’s Leaders

Series  E: Doing Business God’s Way I – A Kingdom Perspective of Business

Series F: Doing Business God’s Way II – Biblical Principles for the Marketplace

Series  G: 9 Deadly Sins in the Marketplace

If you are interested to establish a marketplace ministry in your area, email us at and share with us your plans so that our Partnership Program team can begin a dialogue with you.


As marketplace believers, we are uniquely positioned to impact unreached people groups through sustainable business platforms that can bring long term impact and achieve lasting change.

We have conducted long-term development work together with local partner organizations in targeted communities. By providing people with knowledge and skills, we empower them to get out of poverty. But the poor have to climb out of the pit themselves. This is ”teaching them how to fish, rather than simply giving them the fish”.

Dignity and Lasting Results

GBN creates lasting change coupled with the tenacious efforts of the poor. At the same time we witness people gaining a sense of self-respect and pride from what they are able to achieve. This is important to us. Because pride, dignity and self-respect cannot be given in the form of gifts or handouts – they come as fruits from the work invested by people in their own lives.

Local Partners

At GBN, we choose to work with local ministry partners at the regional level. This follows the 2 Timothy 2:2 principle: “what you have heard from me before many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also”. But the most important thing is that the locals know the area’s culture, and they know where and what help is needed the most.

GBN’s community transformation efforts are now an integral part of the Partnership Program, where we also share our experiences in transforming local communities.

Follow this link for more information on GBN’s existing CT projects