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All of us face problems in our everyday lives, whether it’s at work, in our families, or even in ministry. Some of these problems are circumstantial, some are beyond our control, but many are created by man, and very often, ourselves. We seek to solve these problems in the best possible way, but due to our many limitations, we don’t have all the answers. That’s when we often turn to God and plead for His intervention. Perhaps, we could have saved ourselves much anxiety, anguish and pain if we started to look towards God from the beginning when trying to solve a problem. This BEC series examines how we can solve problems God’s way.

Module Discussion Topics:

1. Nature of Problems
2. Purpose of Problems
3. The Benefits of Problems
4. The Root Cause of Problems
5. Nature of Agreements
6. Integrity – The Key to Successful Agreements
7. Steps to Solving Problems God’s Way
8. Key Concepts and Problem Prevention
9. Spiritual Warfare In Business
10. A Deeper Look At Spiritual Warfare

God is at work in your life – even when you do not recognize it or understand it. But it’s much easier and profitable when you cooperate with Him! The key in problem solving is to be able to understand what God is doing by allowing you to go through the problem, i.e. His purpose for the problem, and learn the lesson He desires to teach you or walk in the path He has purposed for you. The faster you can do that, the quicker the problem will have achieved its purpose and come to an end! Learn about spiritual warfare in your life and how it affects your work/business. This is an area that is little understood and seldom taught, but has far reaching effects and consequences if left unchecked. This BEC module on Solving Problems God’s Way will have you taking a 360º Kingdom perspective on issues that you face in your life and business.

How to get the most out of this BEC series?

It is important that you prepare for each session by spending 20-30mins to read through each set of discussion note. Reflect on the biblical principles discussed and for each case study highlighted ask yourself ‘what would I have done if I were in a similar position?’ Be prepared to share your thoughts on this with your respective groups.

Remember – The case studies are very important. How much you get out of the sessions in the following months depends very much on what you put in in terms of your own preparation and participation.

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About The Business Empowerment Circle (BEC)

The BEC platform involves business owners and professionals in the marketplace. We face the same issues at work and the same struggles to be Kingdom minded in business. We meet in small groups at the designated locations or online on a monthly basis to discuss each of the above topics.

The small group discussion is not a teaching session, but is designed to promote peer to peer learning with a facilitator to keep the discussion relevant and impactful. Each session is expected to last 1.5 to 2 hours.


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