FRASER SUITES CEO: Overcoming Challenges In The Marketplace Through FAITH

27 Apr

FRASER SUITES CEO: Overcoming Challenges In The Marketplace Through FAITH

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FRASER SUITES CEO, Choe Peng Sum shares Overcoming Challenges In The Marketplace Through Faith

Watch this live recorded video of a God-fearing CEO of Fraser Suites, Choe Peng Sum, shares about his marketplace journey in transforming cultures in his organisation – how he stood up against unethical business practices and placed his faith in God who turned the impossible into everything possible in his business. Taking with him a daily dose of Godly wisdom, he shares on how we too can also overcome the worldly norms of business dealings and be an overcomer in the marketplace.

About Choe Peng Sum

Mr Choe Peng Sum, 56, brings with him over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry. As Chief Executive Officer of Fraser Suites, he has overall charge of the business performance and global expansion of a chain of serviced residences, hotel residences and boutique hotels worldwide. Today, Frasers Hospitality Group Pte Ltd is regarded as the top three global hospitality operator. He is also a Non-Executive Director of Frasers Hospitality Trust, the first global hotel and serviced residence trust to be listed in Singapore.

How did Choe Peng Sum of Fraser Suites become ”Asia’s Most Promising Leader”?

In this video, Choe Peng Sum, CEO of Fraser Suites, shares on how he navigates the choppy currents of the marketplace, both locally and internationally, by coming before the Lord in faith. Fraser Suites, is a global hospitality operator with Gold-Standard serviced, hotel residences and boutique lifestyle hotels across Europe, Middle East, Africa, North Asia, Southeast Asia and Australia. Since their inception in 1998, they have grown from an initial 412 residences in Singapore to more than 22,000 keys worldwide, and Peng Sum was very much a part of that growth story. In less than a decade, Peng Sum and his team has garnered more than 160 awards and accolades, including multiple awards for ”World’s Leading Serviced Apartment Brand”, for their efforts in branding, web marketing, service quality, construction, global management, human resource practices, lodging standards, arts, interior design, residence management, executive management, investment etc. inspite of the global economic upheavals of the past decade. Peng Sum, himself, has also been awarded ”Asia’s Most Promising Leader”.   Surely, the favour of the Lord was upon him.

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