MEDIACORP FORMER CEO: Finding Your Destiny

16 Feb

MEDIACORP FORMER CEO: Finding Your Destiny

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MEDIACORP FORMER CEO, Lucas Chow shares Finding Your Destiny

Watch this video to find out how Lucas overcame the historic crisis in Mediacorp, during the global financial crisis, with a victorious applause likened that of Queen Esther – where God had also positioned him for “such a time as this” to provide leadership with humility, justice and mercy, drawing divine wisdom from Micah 6:8.

“He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”

About Lucas Chow

Lucas graduated with a Bachelor of Science (honours) degree from the University of Aston, Birmingham (United Kingdom) in 1978. In July 2016, he was conferred with an Honorary Doctor of Engineering degree by the university.

After his graduation from Aston University, Lucas worked with Hewlett Packard for 20 years before he assumed his various chief executive positions in SingTel Mobile, MediaCorp and Far East Orchard.

In 1998, Lucas moved to Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SingTel), Singapore’s largest mobile operator and Asia’s leading communications group.  The Group provides a diverse range of services including fixed line phones, mobile, data, Internet, TV, infocomms technology (ICT) and digital solutions.  Lucas was appointed CEO of SingTel Mobile, Executive Vice President (Consumer Business) and Executive Vice President (Corporate Business).  He was instrumental in increasing SingTel’s broadband market share and driving regional expansion in the mobile business.

Lucas joined MediaCorp in 2005 as the Chief Executive Officer. MediaCorp is a leading media company in the region and the national broadcaster of Singapore. Under his leadership, MediaCorp launched various digital initiatives. He was also the prime mover of MediaCorp’s corporate social responsibility programme.

From 2011 – 2014, Lucas served on several high-level executive positions in the Far East Organization, the largest real estate developer in the region. Concurrently he was also the CEO of Far East Orchard; a listed company in Singapore focuses on property development and hospitality business. He played a pivotal role in transforming the group and saw through various milestones such as opening new markets, diversifies business lines and transition the group into a major regional hospitality and property company.

Lucas serves as the Chairman of Health Promotion Board Singapore and is a member of the Board of Trustees of National University of Singapore.

He was a recipient of the National Day Public Service Medal in 2015.

Why Lucas said: “For such a time as this….”?

Mediacorp former CEO, Lucas Chow shares candidly on his business journey as a Marketplace leader, – as CEO and key leadership positions with HP, Singtel, Far East and many other established organizations, and found his purpose and destiny when he answered to the call in providing leadership in those places.

Lucas acknowledged that he is not the smartest, neither the most well connected man, but learnt to lead with humility through the most difficult times of his work life. A particular mention of Mediacorp’s historic event during the global financial crisis, Lucas was handed over with the toughest decision to terminate employment of 10% of the workforce. This doesn’t just concern a mere number of 270 staff but the livelihood of 270 families, being laid on his hands. Facing the tsunami of what is coming, and under the intense heat of the board, Lucas had no one to turn to except coming to God in humility, pleading for divine wisdom to handle this intricate situation.

Find out how he overcame this crisis with a victorious applause likened that of Queen Esther – where God had also positioned him for “such a time as this”!

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