Kadesi 2

Project Name: Kadesi

Location: Indonesia

Business: Sengon Tree Plantation

Kadesi manages 9 high schools and 2 seminaries located in various parts of Indonesia. Its vision is to raise and train 10,000 bible teachers, pastors and evangelists and send them to 10,000 villages throughout Indonesia so that the gospel may be widely sown. To augment Kadesi’s funding requirements they have started Sengon tree plantation. This specie of soft wood tree is fast growing and matures in 5 years. Its wood is in high demand in the furniture industry. Kadesi’s plan is to have different plots of land to grow the Sengon trees, so that every year, they will have a plot that will be ready for harvest, and the proceeds from the sale of the wood will be able to fund their operational needs. Kadesi started this project 2 years ago, and GBN is funding their project requirements for the next 3 years so that Kadesi will become self sufficient in funding for the future.