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  • STARTMay 21st - 7:30pm

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  • VENUE114 Lavender Street , CT Hub 2 #13-71 Singapore 338729


GBN BUSINESS EMPOWERMENT EVENT 2024 #2 21st May | Biblical Principles for Today’s Marketplace

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THEME: Biblical Principles for Today’s Marketplace – In The World but Not Of The World


Darius Lee | Executive Director, Cultivate SG

Date: 21st May 2024, Tue

Time: 7:30pm – 9:30pm (Seating starts at 7pm)

Venue: CT Hub 2 #13-71 (Access by Lift Lobby 2) 114 Lavender Street, Singapore 338729


This Business Empowerment Event (BEE)  is FREE – to encourage maximum participation from Christian Entrepreneurs, Business leaders and Organizational leaders. (Freewill offering will be taken to defray the cost of organizing this event.)

Registration is required. Jump to RSVP.

Door Opens at 7pm


We live in a complex world where the values of the world are increasingly at odds with Biblical standards. Our workplaces today can be challenging, as we sometimes find ourselves in situations where we may feel pressured into things that are contrary to our identity and values as Christians.

In this upcoming session, Bro Darius Lee will join us as guest speaker. He will speak about being “in” but not “of” the world (John 17:14-15), and what it means to “render to God the things that are God’s” (Matthew 22:21). He will share some reflections from Scripture and his own personal journey.

This event will challenge us to think more critically about our calling as believers and to live more authentically as followers of Christ. Bro Darius will also share some practical tips about how to navigate through the tensions between our conscience and workplace pressures, with reference to Biblical principles.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand biblical mandate to remain distinct from worldly influences (John 17:14-15)
  • Glean practical strategies for aligning professional conduct with Christian values
  • Gain insights on how to navigate ethical dilemmas in the workplace through a Biblical lens

The Speaker

Darius Lee is a trained Singapore lawyer, with a Bachelor of Laws and Masters of International Law and Human Rights. He is currently the executive director of Cultivate SG, a non-profit organisation dedicated to strengthening the moral ecology and cultural climate of Singapore.

In the midst of growing diversity in values and beliefs and a risk of polarisation, Cultivate SG seeks a shared common ground, rooted in our core values as a nation.

It aims to promote a sound balance of rights and responsibilities in society so that we can thrive together for generations.

“Growing the good, one conversation at a time”.

He is also a locum solicitor.

Special Invitation: Bring a Pre-believing Friend!

Share this enlightening experience with a friend who may be seeking or on the path to questioning the Christian belief. Inspire them on this spiritual journey and encourage them to discover how God works in, through and for us – to blossom where we are planted, in the marketplace.

Network with Like-Minded Professionals: 

Connect with other business entrepreneurs and workplace professionals who share your desire to align their careers with their Christian faith. Forge valuable connections, exchange ideas, and build a supportive community.

Join us as we unleash the full potential of our work and shine God’s light in our professional lives.

This is a FREE event, however RSVP early! Registration closes immediately upon maximum capacity.


For inquiries: Email us at connect@gbn.sg


114 Lavender Street , CT Hub 2 #13-71 Singapore 338729
114 Lavender Street , CT Hub 2 #13-71 338729 Singapore