Business Empowerment Circle 商业赋能圈


BEC 系列 1: 调整我们基督徒在商场的世界观

Biblical Principles for the Marketplace
Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – His good, pleasing and perfect will (Rom 12:2).
不要效法这个世界的模式,只要心意更新而变化。然后你将能够测试和认可上帝的旨意是什么—他的美好、喜悦和完美的旨意(罗马书 12:2)。

It is crucial that as followers of Christ we align our worldview for the marketplace with the Kingdom view, ie how God Himself views the world of business, in order that we may bring the Kingdom of God into the marketplace.
God is creator of all things in the heavens and on earth and we must understand how God manages His resources so that we can manage ours in a similar fashion. 上帝是天地万物的创造者,我们必须了解上帝如何管理他的资源,这样我们才能以类似的方式管理我们的资源。
The purpose of this BEC Series I is to transform and renew our mind so that we can take on the mindset of Jesus.
这个 BEC 系列 1 的目的是改变和更新我们的思想,以便我们能够接受耶稣的想法。

The approach of these sessions is threefold: firstly, it is to acknowledge God as the author and upholder of all concepts and practices related to creation of resources, stewardship, social justice, and successful business growth; secondly, it is to help reposition the way and the manner Christians think about God’s purposes for His people and the manner in which God’s own revealed actions (in the bible) model for us where He wants to take us; thirdly, it is to help reinforce Kingdom principles relating to our businesses with special focus on what is really important to God Himself.

The Discussion Topics for Series I include:
系列 I 主题讨论:

1 The inheritance of God’s Heart
• Four Components of receiving His heart
1 继承天父的心
• 接受祂的心有四个组成部分

2 God is Building a Family Business – Part 1
• God is the Creator of all property
• God Wants to Extend His franchise on Earth through Us
• The battle is here on earth
2 上帝正在建立一个家族企业 — 第 1 部分
• 上帝是所有财产的创造者
• 上帝希望通过我们在地上扩展他的权柄
• 战场在地上

3 God is Building a Family Business – Part 2
• Our time on earth develops our spiritual skills
• Ruling over real things in the real world is the real issue
• Let’s apply what we learn
3 上帝正在建立一个家族企业 — 第 2 部分
• 地上的生活可以培养属灵技能
• 在现实的世界中管理现实事物,才是现实的问题
• 让我们应用所学到的东西

4 Maturity Comes with Good Stewardship
• Law of stewardship and increase
• Five Things for which all people must give an account
4 通过成为好管家达致成熟
• 管家和增长的定律
• 所有人都必须交代的五件事

5 Stewarding a Spirit-filled life
• A Spirit-filled life
• God’s people need to learn to tap into the power of the Holy Spirit
• Inner workings of the Holy Spirit
• Pre-requisites
• Stewarding a supernatural life filled with the Holy Spirit
5 管理一个被圣灵充满的生活
• 圣灵充满的生命
• 上帝的子民需要学习运用圣灵的力量
• 圣灵的内在工作
• 先决条件
• 管理一个被圣灵充满的超自然生活

6 Wealth and the Family Unit – Part 1
• Use it or lose it
• Wealth and riches
• The Basic wealth generating unit in scripture is the family
• What is your children’s inheritance?
6 财富与家庭单元 – 第 1 部分
• 使用或丢失
• 财富和财物
• 圣经中创造基本财富的是家庭
• 你的子孙要继承的产业是什么?

7 Wealth and The Family Unit – Part 2
• We must learn to build multi-generationally
• Five Categories of wealth stewardship
• Your Calling Determines Your Need for Money
7 财富与家庭单元 – 第 2 部分
• 我们必须建立世代相传的财富
• 五类财富管理
• 您的呼召决定了您对金钱的需求

8 Work is a holy, everlasting calling
• God the Worker
• Our Work Reveals Our Soul
• Does our work stand up for Christian excellence?
• God is Calling for Christian Revival through the Work Place
8 工作是神圣而永恒的召唤
• 认识工作的神
• 我们的工作彰显了我们的灵魂
• 我们的工作态度是否与基督徒追求卓越的价值观相符? 上帝通过工作场所唤召基督徒的复兴

9 The Business of service
• Serving: The true servant leader
• Sacrifice and the hidden life of the leader
• Reproducing servant leaders
9 服侍的企业
• 真正的仆人领袖
• 领袖的牺牲与隐藏在深入的生命力
• 倍增仆人领袖

The BEC Series I is designed for workplace professionals and business owners who are serious about pursuing God in the marketplace.
BEC 系列 I 专为在商场上认真追求上帝的职场专业人士和企业主管而设计。
This series is a foundational study into the master principles of management, growth, and productivity that God has revealed in His Word.
We will be studying and discussing God’s business plan, which is designed to produce the quality of life and maturity that His partners (us) are called to experience with Him as He is extending the influence of His Kingdom in the marketplace.
His invitation to us is to join Him as His co-workers to build on the principles discussed in these sessions so that we can be blessed by God and prosper since He is into blessing people who run their business the Kingdom way.


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About The Business Empowerment Circle (BEC) 关于商业赋权圈 (BEC)

The BEC platform involves business owners and professionals in the marketplace. BEC 平台涉及商场中的企业主管和专业人士。
We face the same issues at work and the same struggles to be Kingdom minded in business.
We meet in small groups at the designated locations or online on a monthly basis to discuss each of the above topics.

The small group discussion is not a teaching session, but is designed to promote peer to peer learning with a facilitator to keep the discussion relevant and impactful. 小组讨论不是教学会议,而是旨在通过协调人促进对等学习,并维持讨论主题的相关性和影响力。
Each session is expected to last up to 2 hours.
每次会议预计持续 2 小时。


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please read the BEC Guidelines for Participants below, before signing up. Thank you.