Business Empowerment Circle 2020



– Biblical Principles for the Marketplace –

As we enter into a new decade of 2020, it is crucial that as followers of Christ we align our worldview to the world of business, in order that we may bring the Kingdom of God into the marketplace. God is creator of all things in the heavens and on earth and we must understand how God manages His resources so that we can manage ours in a similar fashion.

The purpose of the BEC 2020 sessions is threefold. Firstly, it is to acknowledge God as the author and upholder of all concepts and practices related to creation of resources, stewardship, social justice, and successful business growth. Secondly, it is to help reposition the way and the manner Christians think about God’s purposes for humanity and the manner in which God’s own revealed actions (in the bible) model for us where He wants to take us. Thirdly, it is to help reinforce Kingdom principles relating to our businesses with special focus on what is really important to God Himself.

The Discussion Topics for 2020 include:

1) The inheritance of God’s Heart – Part 1

  • Four Components of receiving His heart

2) The inheritance of God’s Heart – Part 2

  • Breaking the curse of single-generational living

3) God is Building a Family Business – Part 1

  • God is the Creator of private property
  • God Wants to Extend His franchise on Earth through Us
  • If Owning Things is a sin, God is the chief of sinners
  • God is after incarnating Truth rather than calling us all to poverty

4) God is Building a Family Business – Part 2

  • In God’s Kingdom, there are no second-class citizens
  • Our time on earth develops our spiritual skills
  • Most of our trials are lessons to be learned
  • Ruling over real things in the real world is the real issue
  • The Father’s Franchise building rules
  • Economic Upheaval is the Church’s wake-up call

5) Maturity Comes by Stewarding Property – Part 1

  • We grow by caring for people and things
  • Responsibility and Producing Increase Makes Us Grow Up
  • Five Things for which all people must give an account
  • The Secret of deepening fellowship is building things together
  • God’s co-workers are learning to share power gradually so that it doesn’t destroy them
  • Power is guarded by problems

6) Maturity Comes by Stewarding Property – Part 2

  • Good leaders Produce Proprietors
  • God wants all HIS kids to own a piece of the action
  • Character generates profit

7) Generational Wealth and The Family Unit – Part 1

  • All lasting wealth comes through the family unit and must be built generationally
  • Use it or lose it
  • A look at wealth and riches
  • The Basic wealth generating unit in scripture is the family
  • One way to tell if you love your children: what is their inheritance?
  • Power is guarded by problems

8) Generational Wealth and The Family Unit – Part 2

  • We must learn to build multi-generationally
  • Economic Prosperity is based on the family unit
  • Generational thinking requires us to think strategically
  • Strategic thinking: The Art of the True leader
  • Five Categories of wealth stewardship we should teach our children
  • Your Calling Determines Your Need for Money

9) Our God Loves To Work

  • Work is a Holy and Everlasting Calling
  • Meet God the Worker
  • Our Work Reveals Our Soul
  • Where are the Christian Craftsmen?
  • Work Produces Both Wealth and Riches
  • Kingdom Economics is Wealth Oriented
  • God is Calling for Christian Revival through the Work Place
  • Let’s turn up the heat for Christian excellence

10) The Product of the Family Business is service

  • Service is the foundation of all lasting grow
  • True leaders produce fellow workers
  • What is a true servant leader?
  • Good leaders gradually share more and more responsibility
  • Sacrifice is the source of expansion
  • Understanding the hidden life of the leader
  • Why are we after owners rather than employees?
  • Let’s stop playing the political left/right game
  • True economic service is based on obedience to God

The BEC 2020 Series is designed for workplace professionals and business owners who are serious about pursuing God in the marketplace.  This series is an introductory study into the master principles of management, growth, and productivity that God has revealed in His Word. We will be studying and discussing God’s business plan, which is designed to produce the quality of life and maturity that His partners (us) are called to experience with Him as He is extending the influence of His business (Kingdom) in the marketplace. His invitation to us is to join Him as His co-workers to build on the principles discussed in these sessions so that we can be blessed by God and prosper since He is into blessing people who run their business the way He runs His.


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* Note: The discussion materials for the BEC 2020 Series may contain extracts from various sources including but not limited to Doing Business God’s Way written by Dennis Peacocke.  These materials have been developed in conjunction with Business Leadership Institute. Copyright © GBN 2020. 


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About The Business Empowerment Circle (BEC)

The BEC platform involves business owners and professionals in the marketplace. We face the same issues at work and the same struggles to be Kingdom minded in business. We meet in small groups at the designated locations on a monthly basis to discuss each of the above topics.

The small group discussion is not a teaching session, but is designed to promote peer to peer learning with a facilitator to keep the discussion relevant and impactful. Each session is expected to last 2 hours.