The Asian Marketplace Conference (AMC) 2016


(JULY 14 &15, Furama RiverFront Hotel)

The bi-annual Asian Marketplace Conference (AMC) is here again in Singapore, 14-15 July 2016.

GBN Marketplace Ministry brings together Christian business owners and professionals from different countries in the region for the purpose of sharing challenges and experiences, imparting life changing lessons relevant to business persons, inspiring them to work out their business plans according to a bigger and higher calling as other successful Christian business owners have already done,  and networking with like-minded believers who understand that it is just not business as usual.


Alan Strudwick

Alan’s life has always been dedicated to helping people improve their lives. He has had a broad and successful background in personal, professional, church and corporate development spanning over 35 years. At age 22 he joined an American Personal Development organisation and by the age of 26 was the company’s National Training Facilitator, conducting trainings and consulting throughout Australia, the USA and Asia.

Alan is a gifted Teacher and Prophetic Strategist who brings a unique and powerful influence not only to the corporate world and non profit organisations but also to churches throughout the Body of Christ. Alan is the Founder of ‘Kingdom Business Ministries’. A ministry organisation dedicated to equipping and empowering the Body of Christ. Alan is an experienced minister having birthed and pastored two churches, travelled internationally as an itinerate minister and is a lecturer in several Bible Colleges.

Alan is also the Founder of ‘Quantum Strategies Inc’ a Consulting firm to the Business World. Alan carries a unique skill set and giftings coupled with a prophetic anointing bringing influence to the corporate world and non profit organisations. Quantum Strategies have worked with a variety of corporate clients and non profit organizations. Such as:- Sony, Time Life, Qantas, Toshiba, Pizza Hut, PGA and Lever Rexona.

Alan’s Personal & Business Journey

His life has taken him through many teachings, philosophies and spiritual paths, including the New Age, (of which he was groomed to be a ‘Leader’ in), alternative religions and the occult. Alan’s subsequent disillusionment with each of these paths eventually led him to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior 28 years ago discovering Jesus as…….”The Way, The Truth and The Life” John 14:6

At the age of 16, Alan managed a small enterprise for his father which ignited his passion for Business. From that day until today and spanning 40 years, Alan continues to bring impact and influence into the Corporate World.

Alan personally believes that as Christian Business Leaders we are strategically positioned by God to bring Kingdom influence and transformation into today’s marketplace.


Marketplace Speaker: PHILIP NG

philip-ng copyMr Philip Ng is the Chief Executive Officer of Far East Organisation which is a family-owned property development and investment group operating in Singapore and Malaysia. The Far East Group is the largest private property developer in Singapore. Mr Ng is a Director of Hong Kong-based Sino Group, which is Far East Organisation’s sister company, engaging in real estate activities in Hong Kong and China. Mr Ng is listed by Forbes as Singapore’s richest person.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering with First Class Honours from King’s College, London University, UK and two Master Degrees from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, which are:

  • Master of Science in Technology & Policy specialising in Geotechnical Engineering and Policy Analysis
  • Master in City Planning specialising in Urban Economics

Mr Ng is the Chairman of the Singapore University of Technology and Design’s Board of Trustees and a member of the MIT Corporation. He and his wife, Vy-vyen, have six children. They worship at the Church of the Holy Cross.

Marketplace Speaker: WENDY YAP

Wendy Yap_shoulderWendy Yap is President and CEO of PT Nippon Indosari Corpindo Tbk, the largest bread manufacturer in Indonesia.  The company she co-founded in 1995, is the largest mass market producer of Japanese style breads in Asia (ex-Japan) producing over 4 million pieces of bread daily. With 10 production plants located throughout Java, Sumatra and Sulawesi, the company has a strong footprint in key cities distributing through extensive modern and general trade channels. Enjoying first mover advantage in the bread industry, the company will continue to expand as it caters to consumers benefiting from rising income levels in the fourth most populous nation in the world.

PT Nippon Indosari Corpindo Tbk was listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange in June 2010. Since IPO, the company’s stock has appreciated over 500%. Under Wendy’s leadership, the company has won many awards, for example, the Forbes Asia’s Best Under A Billion award and the Best of the Best award from Forbes Indonesia. Wendy is also recognized by Forbes as one of Asia’s 50 Power Businesswomen.

Wendy was President of her father’s U.S. real estate business at the age of 21 after her graduation from University of Melbourne, Australia. She lived in the U.S. for almost 10 years before returning to Indonesia to be one of the first few women members of the YPO (Young Presidents Organization) Indonesian Chapter. Today, Wendy manages her family businesses in Indonesia.


The DNA of a Successful Kingdom Entrepreneur

Session 1: The Kingdom DNA

Not everyone understands the Kingdom of God. Those who do, however, have a distinct advantage over those who do not. Kingdom Entrepreneurs need to know how to embrace their Kingdom DNA and fulfill their God-given assignments.

Session 2: The Assignment of a Kingdom Entrepreneur

Kingdom Entrepreneurs are God’s change agents on the earth. They are not called to hide their abilities but use their unique gifts and skills to extend the blessings of the Kingdom of God into every sphere of society.

Session 3: The Entrepreneur as King and Priest

The Bible is clear that God uses leaders to be both kings AND priests. Learning how to flow in both roles will allow the Kingdom Entrepreneur to have influence in heaven and earth.

Session 4: Making an Impact as a Kingdom Entrepreneur

The advantages of Kingdom Entrepreneurs are unique. Knowing how to leverage the wisdom and favor of God will give them opportunities to profoundly impact the world around them.

Session 5: The Entrepreneur and the Secret Place

Kingdom Entrepreneurs have a competitive advantage when they understand what Joseph, Daniel and Nehemiah understood about hearing God in the secret place. Significance and fulfilment await the person who knows how to do business God’s way.

In these sessions, you will not only discover the ‘what’ and ‘why’, but also the ‘how to’ achieve the critical objectives so that you can flow in the fullness of your divine purposes and calling.




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