About Us


BN was established in the year 2000 and, today, is an independent not-for-profit Christian Marketplace Ministry headquartered in Singapore whose primary calling is to impact lives by bringing transformation to the marketplace and then to communities, cities and nations.

We exist to empower and serve Christian business leaders in practical ways to achieve lasting success and godly significance in the way that God intends for them, so that they can step into their divine destiny.

We also exist to bring sustainable social and economic transformation to unreached people groups in the South East Asian region so that the gospel may be sown to them.

As a volunteer ministry, the organization has a strong and dedicated team of volunteer members comprising the advisory council, events management team, and community transformation team, managing all the programmes.

GBN is a neutral organization which is independent of any church or denomination. It seeks to work with all churches and para-church organizations as strategic partners to impact the marketplace and bring about community transformation.